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What will they say next?

by our O.C. offspringPublished: January, 2013

Jake, 1 year, of Fullerton
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My 3-year-old son, Hudson, asked me what it said on his baby brother’s shirt. I said, “I love the USA.” Then Hudson said, “Oh ... well I love all the letters.”
Hudson, 3, Placentia

Me: “Sign this. It’s for school.”
Zachary: “What is it?”
Me: “Just sign it!”
Zachary: “Is this a contract? I’ll have to read it first.”
Me: “Huh?”
Zachary Byrnes, 9, Dana Point

After an exhausting day, I collapsed next to my son and began to complain, “Mommy has to work, go to school, clean, shop, take care of you. … I’m exhausted.” After a few seconds of silence, he said, “Are you done yet?”
Jacob, 3, Anaheim

My son, Andrew, kept asking me when I would buy him the Cars Lego set that he wanted. I told him, “When you get 30 stickers [for not throwing tantrums] or on your birthday.” He thought for a second, then replied, “So, on my birthday, then.”
Andrew, 4, Yorba Linda

My mischievous and demanding 8-year-old, who is learning about saving and the value of money, came home from her last day of summer camp and excitedly showed me her new barrettes, which she received as a reward from her camp counselor. She quickly said, “Oh! Don’t worry, Mom! They were free! Really! I did not have to pay anything for them. I just had to be good!”
Malini, 8, Fullerton

After school one day, I asked my son Stephen if he had felt the earthquake that day. He said, “Oh, you mean the one at snack time? It bumped me right off the picnic table. It was a big help because I had to get under it anyway!”
Stephen, 5, Placentia

When we moved to England, my son Tristan, 5 at the time, was walking along with us in a town center. When he saw a parent with a harness on a toddler for the first time, he said, “Look, Mommy and Daddy! They have a kid for a dog!”
Tristan, 13, Las Vegas

One day, a big spider was crawling on the dining room wall. Daddy went to get Windex. My 3-year-old daughter dashed into her room and came out with a water gun!
Autumn, 3, Irvine

My dad was trying to print some Thomas the Train coloring pages for my son. When he said he couldn’t find them, my son replied, “Just Google it.”
Kairav, 4, Orange

When Kailyn asked if she could have some pineapple juice, I said, “No, not right now.” She said, “Please, just one little potion.” I said, “Potion? Where did you hear that word?” Then I realized she meant “portion.”
Kailyn, 6, Irvine


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