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The company utilizes animation, games and apps to inform the public

Health Nuts Media helps children learn about diabetes

Kristina WongPublished: March, 2012

Health Nuts Media recently launched a seven-part animated video series called Understanding Diabetes, in order to educate both children and adults on the conditions and diagnosis of diabetes.  With the help of the digital world, involving animation, games and apps, the company expands its digital health literacy content, adding the Understanding Diabetes videos to the mix.    

“Our goal at Health Nuts Media is to create much-needed health education that is not only informative, but fun,” states Health Nuts Media CEO Tim Jones.  “We were surprised that there were so few diabetes resources geared toward kids, despite the growing prevalence of diabetes among children.”

Understanding Diabetes teaches children about type 1 and type 2 diabetes with seven short episodes, which explains what exactly diabetes is, blood glucose monitoring, diabetes control, and how to eat and exercise right with diabetes, among other significant factors that come with this health concern.  Select hospitals and private practices are currently showing this video by Health Nuts Media.

A company based in Altadena, CA, Health Nuts Media informs the public on numerous health issues in an understandable and comprehensive way.  Since its foundation in 2010, it has created animated videos and games to address the diagnosis, symptoms, conditions, and management of various health problems.  Health Nuts Media continues its mission with the help of partnerships with LodgeNet Healthcare, LEARN360 HEALTH, SBR Health, Skylight Healthcare Systems, Pediatric Web, TVR Communications, CHADIS, Pedia Pals, Allen Technologies, HCI, Unity Medical, and Madison Pediatrics.

Along with Understanding Diabetes, Health Nuts Media also has produced animated videos for topics such as bronchitis, cancer, epilepsy, pneumonia, dehydration, fractures, and asthma.  

To watch the video Understanding Diabetes, click here


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